Redefining Tech Horizons - Navigating Sustainable Frontiers of Innovation and Culture

The AIMS Conference and Awards, held on May 19, 2024, at the Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai, was a significant event in the tech community, branded as The World Tech Summit. The summit, titled "Redefining Tech Horizon: Navigating New Frontiers of Innovation and Culture," gathered experts, innovators, and researchers from around the globe to explore the latest advancements and future directions in technology.

The opening ceremony was inaugurated by Sheikh Dr.Eng. Abdullah Ali Al Saihati, honorary president of London Intercultural Center followed by the keynote speech of Hadi Brenjekjy, the executive director of the center who highlighted the uniqueness of human intelligence in comparison to the vast opportunities ,capabilities,possibilities and challenges that AI poses in the modern era of digital transformation. Prof.Gabriele Pao-pei Andreoli,president of the Institute of Advanced Studies and cooperation shed light on the scientific breakthrough and the advanced projects the IASC has initiated and its deep relation to preserving human history ,culture and values. Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi the guest of honor at the AIMS and the awardee of the Multiversal Innovator Merit in the Category of cultural tolerance, described in his featured speech the advancement of the UAE in terms of digital maturity, AI implementation and the focus on scientific research.

The summit featured various sessions and panels focused on cutting-edge technologies and their applications across industries.

AIMS Prominent speakers included visionaries from tech giants, pioneering researchers, influential policymakers, and notable entrepreneurs. The event also featured interactive workshops and networking opportunities, aimed at fostering collaboration and sharing groundbreaking ideas.

A delegate from Juma Al Majid Center For Culture and Heritage,enriched the conference with an exhibition of rare manuscripts displaying the center efforts of conserving human legacy using technical tools that serves in restoring old scripts and documents as a global cultural heritage.

The conference underscored the importance of cross-cultural partnerships in technology research and the collective efforts needed to navigate the rapidly evolving tech landscape sustainably. It also highlighted the role of tech innovations in addressing social issues and promoting global cooperation for sustainable development.

The AIMS Conference and Awards 2024 successfully created a platform for exchanging groundbreaking ideas, addressing the evolving tech landscape's challenges and opportunities, and promoting sustainable technological advancements through the three panel discussions on business investment opportunities, evolutionary bio hacking - preventive and regenerative medicine 3.0, ethical issues and AI.

AIMS 2024 featured a diverse and prestigious lineup of speakers who discussed topics like Unlocking Opportunities: Navigating the AI and FinTech Job Market with the SMART methodology by Tim Ahmed from the UK, cultural influence on the AI bias by LIU LIU from China, AI and the human factor by Deborah Webster, Scott Marshal elaborated on the use of spatial computing to save the planet and Nico R.Schuster from Hong Kong who explored the pitfalls of culture in technology adoption. Researchers and scientists like Dr.Adolfo Panifili ,Dario Spera ,Professor Alessandro Pumpo ,Dr.Christina Rahm and Martina Luise shared their scientific breakthrough with the audience.

The summit, hosted at the Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai, provided a platform for these leaders to discuss advancements in AI, IoT, cybersecurity, quantum computing, biotechnology, and sustainable tech practices. It was a significant event for fostering collaboration and innovation across the global tech community .The conference was concluded by awarding organizations and individuals who contributed to the advancement of humanity in the fields of science, technology,business innovation and cultural tolerance.

Glorianne Montefrio

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