• Embarking on an Unforgettable Family Holiday in Modern Singapore

  • Where Innovation and Sustainability Await

March 23, 2024, marked the beginning of our thrilling journey to explore sustainable Singapore. Flying in style with Emirates Airlines' business class seats, Rayan, Roberto, Ping, and I enjoyed a restful flight, arriving in Singapore feeling rejuvenated.

Our adventure commenced with a visit to the incredible Changi Airport, a marvel of shopping, natural attractions, and exploration opportunities. This set the tone for our sustainable exploration of the city-state.

To continue our eco-friendly journey, we opted for a sustainable cab to Sentosa Island, where the eco-friendly Shangri-La Hotel awaited us. Despite the unique sight of anchored oil containers in the bay, the hotel provided the perfect base for our exploration.

Monkey in the Middle
Incarcerated in Thought
Going in Circles on the Singpore Flyer
Indulging at Raffles Food Court

The following day, after a sumptuous breakfast, we embarked on a thrilling cable car ride to the main island, enjoying panoramic views of Singapore's lush greenery from above.

Our itinerary included a visit to Universal Studios, where we experienced endless fun and excitement. From there, we moved to the glamorous Marina Bay Towers for a two-day stay, enjoying stunning views of the city's skyline.

Exploring Gardens by the Bay and the Cloud Forest, we immersed ourselves in the beauty of nature. The Air and Science Museum and the Singapore Flyer provided additional captivating experiences.

Throughout our journey, Singapore's commitment to sustainability was evident. From its impressive green initiatives to visionary urban planning, the city-state showcased its dedication to protecting the environment.

Ye Olde Raffles Hotel
Pensive in Raffles Hotel

Singapore's marine conservation efforts were particularly commendable, with protected areas like Pulau Ubin and Sisters' Islands Marine Park preserving biodiversity and fostering research.

The city's clean and efficient transportation system also contributed to its sustainability goals, promoting eco-friendly commuting alternatives.

Our five-day trip left us with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for Singapore's commitment to sustainability. It was a truly enlightening experience, highlighting how innovation and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

Join us in exploring Singapore's sustainable marvels and discover the city's inspiring journey towards a greener future. Visit arivo.online to learn more and plan your own eco-friendly adventure in this remarkable city. Your exciting family holiday in modern Singapore awaits!"

Roberto Usenich

Roberto Usenich, hailing from Italy, is a highly experienced professional with a remarkable 50-year career in ICT innovation, technology telecommunications, and smart city design. Recognizing the urgent need for action on climate change and global sustainability, Roberto has recently taken a bold step by founding Arivo, an organization committed to advocating for marine sustainability. With a focus on driving positive change, Roberto aims to improve the world's response to climate change and foster global sustainability.